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Women are persons who have the authority to make decisions for both themselves and others. Their role is defined by both legal and social obligations. A woman is basically an adult human being. The word woman can also refer to young girls, although the term woman can also apply to women. The word woman has various other meanings in the English language, depending on the situation and social situation in which it is used.

Women have been defined by many people as the sex that menstruating, be fertile, have the capacity to bear children, be a support for men and be submissive to their husbands or masters. However, many women do not fit into these categories. Some have different sexual orientations, some have different gender identity, some have different physical characteristics or features, and some have different cultural backgrounds. Sexual minorities are particularly vulnerable to discrimination because they face greater risks for contracting an illness that does not affect the general population. For example, AIDS is one of the most deadly diseases affecting the gay and bisexual community, but it is not commonly known or recognized in the general society.

Women’s human rights come under different provisions in the Convention on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the World Declaration on the Prevention of Discrimination against Women. Women have the right to live free, with respect to their gender identity and to acquire freedom from all forms of violence. Women are the primary political leaders of the country. As a matter of fact, women comprise the bulk of the population, which makes them responsible for the laws, policies and practices that benefit them. Laws that protect women and promote gender equality are considered as universal and special laws.

The Universal Declaration on the Human Rights of the United States and the European Communities Part II declares that everyone has the right to live free and enjoy equal rights with their gender. Both the Universal Declaration and the European Communities Part II include a pledge to end violence against women. Women have the same legal rights as men and are granted the same rights to participate in the political process and to seek social protection.

Women suffer from widespread discrimination both in the domestic arena as well as in the public and private sectors. They face greater risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and AIDS. In the United States, women continue to endure widespread forms of discrimination in the labor market, in the home, in the workplace and in the education system. They suffer a greater economic burden due to gender discrimination in the divorce proceedings and in child custody disputes. The lack of women in the labor force continues to be a major hindrance to the empowerment of women. The lack of women in the workforce has resulted in a situation where the pay for women is less than that for men and women have to work in jobs that do not allow them to achieve the status and privilege of men.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are subject to discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals is common in the public and private sector. Sexual violence also continues to be a significant problem. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual people are often beaten, harassed, fired from their jobs, and abused physically and emotionally in the streets, on the internet, and at the workplace. Most instances of sexual violence are perpetrated by members of the transgendered community, but transgendered persons may be victims of violence based on sexual orientation as well.

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